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It is my hope ... that together we can cultivate the beauty around us, build up the beauty in others, and always always strive to become the best, most beautiful, versions of ourselves.

If you don't know me already, here is a snapshot of what I'm all about:

Job #1 - Wife and Mother

I am a wife and mother to 5 children. God has blessed me with my family and I love them dearly. We all live together in Denmark, Wisconsin (which is near Green Bay). I thoroughly enjoy decorating my home (my fireplace mantel changes with the seasons!), spending time landscaping and finessing the gardens around the house.

Job #2 - Stampin' Up! Demonstrator

It all started back in High School when I wanted to personalize some of my memories in a scrapbook.
Then, I found all this beautiful paper, glitter, and fancy stickers.
I was hooked.
I discovered the wonderful world of stamping and something unique to Stampin Up! - coordinating product! I love the instantly professional look a card gets when you use matching cardstock, ink, embellishments and use the matching punches to perfectly cut out your stamped image.

Job #3 - Floral Designer

Before I knew how much I loved to create paper art, I knew in my heart I had to create floral art. I went to college for a B.S. in Horticulture and thrived in that environment. Science rocks. But, my first job as a grower, and then as a quality assurance specialist, and then as a lean leader in Minneapolis, wasn't satisfying my need to create. (This was before Stampin Up!). When our family moved back to Green Bay, I became a professional floral designer with Enchanted Florist.

Job #4 - Pianist. Organist. Vocalist.

This is how I challenge myself to grow and my means for relaxation. I play and sing for the masses at our local Catholic Church, the Care Center in Kewaunee, Weddings in the Green Bay Diocese, and funerals in the area. I also teach lessons and love seeing the joy music brings to others.

There. That's just a little taste of what I'm all about.

Constantly work on becoming a better person, find the good around you.
All to Jesus, All through Mary,

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